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Mets morning news: Dickey, Dickey, Dickey

R.A. Dickey wins the Cy Young, and other stuff

Mike Stobe

Some stuff happened yesterday, but frankly, there is only on story that most Mets' fans probably care about anyway. R.A. Dickey won the National League Cy Young award, getting first place votes on all but five ballots. I think most of us expected Dickey to win the award, but I certainly didn't expect the vote to be as Dickey-centric as it was. Congratulations to Dickey, and shame on you Tim Kurkjian. Craig Kimbrel? Really?

In other Mets news yesterday, Dillon Gee expects to be ready for the start of spring training. That's good news, as the rotation is possibly our biggest strength heading into spring training.

Yesterday at AA:

We had a party before R.A. Dickey won the NL Cy Young award.

We had a party after R.A. Dickey won the NL Cy Young award.

Around baseball:

The other league has a Cy Young winner as well. Congratulations to David Price, who won a much closer vote than the NL contest. Drew Davison takes the cake in the voting over there, voting Fernando Rodney ahead of all of the starters.

The Tigers have a new toy to play with next season. Torii Hunter has agreed to a 2-year deal to join Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera in an excellent Tiger lineup.

Rob Neyer took a look at Jeffrey Loria. If he has too exist, at least Bud Selig insists on keeping him in the NL East.

Eno points out that the Florida Miami Marlins are actually a very well run company. They are also going to be a very bad baseball team for quite a while.

On that front, John Sickels looked at the prospects involved in the mega-TRAID that sent Jose Reyes to Canada.