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This Week In SNY Year In Review: Nitpicking With TWISNY

When SNY misspells a player's name, TWISNY will be there. When SNY puts up the wrong graphic, TWISNY will be there. Fear not.


The auditor in us got tired of all the minor but noticeable errors during SNY broadcasts, so we decided to document those errors. The result was "Nitpicking With TWISNY," a semi-regular feature with a minor following among Mets fans who once won a spelling bee.

Friday, May 4th

Here we have SNY messing up some Randy Johnson facts:


1. Johnson finished with 4,875 strikeouts, not 4,895.

2. Johnson faced the Mets in the NLDS in 1999, not 2000. He did, however, get hit hard in his only appearance. What a glorious NLDS it was.

Next, SNY omitted the letter "c" from Goldschmidt in its Diamondbacks starting lineup, a mistake we noticed due to experiencing our share of last name spelling misadventures:


Saturday, May 12th



Tuesday, June 12th

It's not SNY, but the Rays disrespected Kirk Nieuwenhuis by shortchanging his last name one letter on the scoreboard:


Kirk responded by going H.A.M. on the Rays pitching staff. He finished the series 5-for-9 with two home runs and a walk. That's what happens when you spell a man's last name wrong! That's what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

Wednesday, June 13th

Here we have SNY misspelling Stephen Strasburg's last name:


Sunday, July 8th

SNY mistakenly listed left-handed batting Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo as a righty:


Sunday, July 22nd

It was nice to see that veteran infielder Adam Kennedy is still in the big leagues. Even better was the revelation that he has become Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw:


Thursday, July 26th

SNY continued to omit the letter "c" from Paul Goldschmidt's name. Here is the Diamondbacks' lineup card from July 26th:


Here is Goldschmidt's first plate appearance. A "c" on his jersey but not SNY's graphic:


And another from Friday, July 27th:


At least SNY remembered the letter "m." C'mon, use that spellcheck! And Mr. Goldschmidt is happy to accept an apology.

Monday, July 30th

Scott Hairston hit a solo home run in extra innings to give the Mets a 7-6 lead but SNY decided it was an Ike Davis two-run home run:


SNY appeared to recognize something was wrong, but instead of correcting the mistake they doubled down. Let's throw in an Ike solo home run! 9-6 Mets!


It took a minute or two, but SNY eventually got it right:


We love Mike Baxter. We check Mike Baxter's FanGraphs page nearly every day. So we know that he is not a .213 hitter!


Our man Baxter was hitting a robust .323 at the time.

New York's home of the Jets couldn't spell Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie's last name correctly:


Cro thinks he would be the second-best SNY producer.

We know Justin Turner isn't much of a hitter but he's no zero!


Maybe noted Turner admirer Eric Simon was working the control room that night.

Wednesday, August 15th

For gambling purposes, it's useful to know that Mark Buehrle will throw a perfect game in the year 2309:


Perhaps it will come against the Mercury Mets.

Saturday, September 1st

Check out Max Scherzer's 8 "scorelees" innings pitched:


Monday, September 3rd

We've noticed that when the Mets go on the road the attention to detail on SNY broadcasts suffers. This cavalcade of Nitpicking With TWISNY entries is Exhibit Z in The People vs SNY. First up, Jason Bay is mistaken for Lucas Duda:


Next, Scott Hairston is mistaken for Mike Baxter:


Here, Matt Harvey is mistaken for Ruben Tejada:


That's enough mistaken identity for now. Let's move on to SNY's apparent psychic powers. SNY noted that Jason Bay was 1-for-1 with a single, even though he had yet to bat in the game:


A few pitches later, Bay reached base on an infield single. Here's Bay enjoying himself at first base:


Can an SNY producer see the future? Or was someone just asleep at the switch? We screenshot, you decide.

Metstradamus noticed an egregious misspelling of the name of an iconic Met:


C'mon now! We knew it was "Tommie" and not "Tommy" by the time we were ten years old! Respect the legend!

Friday, September 27th

SNY put up a graphic of Mets 20-game winners and whiffed on the year of Dwight Gooden's achievement. It was 1985, not 1984.


This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY. The best of "Let's check in with Kevin!" drops tomorrow.