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Mets morning news: Shopping in the bargain bin because even a Rolls-Royce can break down

Mets morning news and links for November 2, 2012.

Mike Zarrilli

There's not a ton of Mets related news to talk about this morning, but there was at least one interesting article out there to touch on. Former GM Jim Bowden took a look at what kind of return the Mets might be able to expect if they decided to TRAID David Wright as opposed to extending him, and it's at least some interesting food for thought. With that in mind, why don't we just extend the man?

Marc Carig took a look at what the Mets might be looking to add this winter. His assessment of their budget and holes are nothing new, but he does mention that the Mets may look for another Chris Young-type rehab project.

Yesterday at AA:

Eno broke down what's available in the free agent bargain bin as far as relief pitching options go, and it's certainly worth a read. Odds are it won't be a K-Rod/JJ Putz sort of winter.

Rob also looked at pitching, but he took a look at the more saber-oriented statistics and how they look for R.A. Dickey. Let's just say he's more deserving of the award than Chase Headley was of a Gold Glove.

Around baseball:

I teased it in the headline, but Bruce Bochy's Rolls-Royce broke down in the middle of the World Series parade yesterday. Seriously.

It's never too early to start looking ahead to June's draft, and Minor League Ball had a look at outfielder Cord Sandberg. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he could be in the discussion when the Mets pick in June.

When Eno talked relievers, he mentioned Joey Devine. Fangraphs had a bit more on Devine, looking back several seasons ago when he absolutely owned the American League.

Finally for today, Baseball Nation had a look at the restructured front office of the Chicago White Sox.