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Today in Mets eBay Superlatives: Darell Strawberry?

Sometimes eBay's depths can be plumbed for spectacular treasures; other times, for some of the most ridiculous objects available. Here we're mostly interested in the latter. Today, the most inept baseball figurine I've seen this week.

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*Darryl* Strawberry
*Darryl* Strawberry
Nick Laham

In general I can respect the fact that it's hard to reproduce the human form, faces in particular. I'm a terrible artist, and I feel like I should grant people pretty significant leeway when it comes to that kind of thing.

Then I see things like this.


Let's go through everything that's wrong here.

  • This is supposed to be Darryl Strawberry. To be blunt, it doesn't look remotely like Darryl Strawberry. It's not tall enough, and the face is frankly terrible.
  • The seller refers to him in the title as "Darell Strawberry" and twice in the body as "Darrell Strawberry," neither of which is correct.
  • I am unconvinced that there's any situation under which that bat would be effective. Maybe if he turned the bat around and bunted, that would work. But other than that, Darel might want to think about getting a new bat.

Everything about this figurine is wrong, aside from the fact that it comes from a non-smoking household. When I spend $2 on a terrible baseball figure, it had BETTER not smell like smoke.