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The Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Finalists

Cast your vote for the winner of the Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest.

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We here at Amazin' Avenue have read through all of the excellent Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan entries, and we're very pleased to present the five finalists to the community today. Voting begins now and will end at 5:00 pm EST on Sunday, November 25. Without further ado, here are the finalists:

AAOP by Bobby Baseball (Bobby Baseball). -AAOP. Thanks. by Bobby Baseball

AAOP: How the 2015 World Champions were Built, Part 1: The Foundation for Success by Lion.strong

AAOP: My Girlfriend Loves Ike Davis More Than She Loves Me by Mike Clemente

AAOP: Nuke the Middle by Dan Lewis

AAOP: Streets Ahead by Ogre39666


The prizes are as follows:

First place: New York Mets 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Set from A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

Second place: New York Mets 50 Greatest Players DVD + New York Mets Baseball's Greatest Games: Santana's 2012 No-Hitter DVD from A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

Third place: New York Mets History Newspaper from

All entrants are subject to the official rules, found here.