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David Wright Offered an Extension

Reports filtering through today had the numbers differently, but it seems that the contract talks between the Mets and their best player have begun to lurch forward.

Mike Stobe

The Mets offered David Wright some money over some years. That much is clear. Not much else, though.

The day started with reports that the Mets had offered a mere $100 million dollars to their third baseman, and that he'd be sure to reject it. Though that number satisfied the minimum requirement set forth by his comparables, it didn't seem likely to be the final number by any estimation.

Then Ken Rosenthal had an update:

That qualified as a seven-year $120M-130M extension then. That was more years than we'd worked with, but still within the range of the reasonable. Still, a cash-strapped team like the Mets ponying up nearly $150M seemed like a stretch. Rosenthal checked back with his source:

Nope, that's about the same, unless he means that the $16M year is included in that number. In that case, we're still talking about $105M - $115M for the extension. Jon Heyman jumped in:

We still don't know if the seven years includes the option. If it doesn't, that's a lot of money for a guy who will be 39 when the deal is over. If it does, the numbers are really $16M lower and look a lot more reasonable. But Adam Rubin has it as seven years plus the option, so it makes sense to prepare yourself for a 39-year-old David Wright on the Mets payroll some day. And, as Rubin pointed out today on twitter, Wright will get his ten-and-five no-trade rights in 2014, so the no-trade clause is a moot point. He'll have to consent to leave New York if he signs this deal.

For what it's worth, the most reasonable projections plus comparables (link to the right) produces a six-year, $112.5M extension, added to the $16M for next year. Is there still a chance that's where the two meet up? Who knows, but another tweet is probably coming with new numbers any minute now.