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Mets Morning News: David Wright Gets Lowballed, Overpaid, Offered A Contract, And Not Offered A Contract All In One Day

Your Wednesday morning dose of New York Mets, Major League Baseball and confusing David Wright news, notes, and links.

What the hell just happened?
What the hell just happened?
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Meet the Mets

You want David Wright rumors? You've got them. First was the news from Ken Rosenthal that the Mets lowballed Wright with a 6 year, $100 million offer. Hours later Jon Heyman, among others, reported that the Mets offered Wright a seven year extension in the $135 million range. But not long after, Wright himself doused water on those reports, saying to MLB Trade Rumors that he was "disappointed by the reports that he read today which are inaccurate". Wright's statement may or may not be talking about the reported offer, but if there actually is an offer on the table, the decision is ultimately in David's hands. Rosenthal points out that this negotiation is a big test for the organization. Whew, this is all so tiring. Aside from the contract talks, Wright also said that he hopes to participate in this year's World Baseball Classic.

R.A. Dickey spoke and read books to children at a school in Harlem on Tuesday morning and afterwards, he talked about his contract negotiations with the team, expressing that he was surprised how slow the negotiations were going. Dickey also mentioned that he'll be traveling to India to work with the Bombay Teen Challenge in January and that his book "Wherever I Wind Up" may be turned into a movie.

With the winter meetings just days away, the Wright and Dickey situations are at the forefront of the Mets' plans. With that being said, they know that they have to upgrade the outfield, along with the bullpen. The team does not expect to trade pitcher from their starting rotation and it looks like they'll focus more on free agents.

The Mets plan to non-tender three players before Friday evening's deadline: Mike Pelfrey, Andres Torres, and Manny Acosta.

It looks like once again the Binghamton Mets are not moving to Ottawa, as a deal fell through. Don't worry, though. Judging by the way this has played out, I'm sure the AA Mets will be fake moving to Canada again in another month or so.

Baseball's Hall of Fame ballot will include awesome ex-Mets' catcher Mike Piazza. It'll also feature the guy who once threw a ball and a shard of a bat at Piazza. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

Around the Majors

Marvin Miller, the former head of the MLBPA who played an important role in the ushering in of the free agency era, died yesterday at the age of 95.

Phillies' catcher Carlos Ruiz was suspended for 25 games for Amphetamine use. You can hear Bob Costas tsk-tsk-tsking right now.

Zack Greinke was going to be the Angels' top priority but now the team is considered unlikely to re-sign him. Greinke may not be going far, though, as the Dodgers reportedly have interest in the ace righty. The Angels did get a pitcher, agreeing on a one-year deal with rehabbing closer Ryan Madson.

Speaking of injured closers, spotlight seeking righty Brian Wilson is not seeing eye to eye with the Giants and it looks like he'll be non-tendered by the club. I don't know if I could stand watching that beard all year but he's a pretty good closer, so perhaps he's an option for the Mets if he's not going to cost too much.

The Cubs signed righty Scott Feldman to a one-year, $6 million deal. The former Ranger put up an uninspiring 5.09 ERA in 2012 as a swingman but a 3.81 FIP along with a rising strikeout rate seems to point to some future success.

Yesterday At AA

David Wright musings filled the internets yesterday and Marc Normandin examined what the Evan Longoria and Ryan Zimmerman's do for Wright's case. We also had a thread here on the rumored extension.

Did Josh Thole's concussion play a part in his 2012 demise? Rob Castellano takes a closer look.

We announced the winner of the AAOP contest yesterday. Congratulations to Bobby Baseball, along with all of the other participants!

Michael Donato has the outlook for the second base position next season.

Here's our thread on the news that the Mets will non-tender Mike Pelfrey, Andres Torres, and Manny Acosta.

In the November 27th edition of This Date In Mets History, the Mets completed a trade for manager Gil Hodges.