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Mets morning news: Mets looking at outfield help, Piazza on HoF ballot

New York Mets related news and links for November 29, 2012

Jim McIsaac

There isn't much news today for Mets fans, as things are a bit slow in advance of the winter meetings. It was always pretty obvious that the Mets would be looking for outfield help this offseason, and it sounds as if that will be their primary focus at when the meetings get underway on Monday. Those three days should be fairly interesting.

There will be plenty of talk about this season's hall of fame class, but Mike Piazza should be a sure thing. I'm sure some very "special" voters out there will find some reason to keep him off of their ballot.

Yesterday at AA:

James ran a poll looking at some pretty ridiculous numbers. If you haven't voted, you should.

Eric also gave us some video talking about Dickey, Wright, and the Mets.

Around baseball:

The Braves outfield added B.J. Upton yesterday, as he agreed to a five year deal with Atlanta. I can't decide if the deal is a good one or a bad one, which usually is a good sign that it's pretty fair for both sides.

Jonathan Broxton signed a three year deal with the Reds yesterday. While I can't decide if I like the Upton deal or not, it's easy enough to look at Broxton's signing and dismiss it as a poor decision. When are teams going to learn that big money deals for relievers very rarely work out?