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Thursday Mets Mind Boggler: TRAID Edition

Can you name the twelve players in Mets history with at least 15 fWAR as a Met who have been traded by the team?

Alex Trautwig

With any luck, David Wright will sign an extension with the Mets in the coming days or weeks, making this brief exercise in Mets trivia a lot less relevant than it seems today. For now, though, the Mets must certainly be entertaining the notion of trading Wright this winter if he declines the team's long-term extension offer.

In the event that Wright gets traded, he certainly won't be the first good player who's been traded by the Mets. While he ranks third in Fangraphs WAR with 47.0 in his time with the Mets, he wouldn't be the first good or great player to be traded by the organization.

Since their inception in 1962, the Mets have traded away twelve players who racked up at least 15.0 fWAR in a Mets uniform. Without looking at the Mets' all-time fWAR leaders on Fangraphs, can you name all of them?

Mets with 15 or more fWAR who were Traded

The timer is set at 4:00, and as always, you need only enter the player's last name to get a correct answer. You have two hints: the years the player was with the Mets and his fWAR total in that time. Good luck, and please post your time and score in the comments!