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Mets Winter League Update

Join us as we check in on the Mets winter league progress, including the first start for Jenrry Mejia and the upcoming AFL Rising Stars game.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Below you'll find the compiled winter league statistics of all relevant Mets participants as of this morning, according to (click image to embiggen):


There's not a ton to report since our last temperature check as many of the most interesting names on this list —Juan Lagares, Aderlin Rodriguez, Jefry Marte — are not being featured in everyday roles. Additionally, nearly all of the active pitchers are being utilized in relief.

But there are a couple of interesting notes:

  • One pitcher who actually is getting a chance to start is Jenrry Mejia, who made his first appearance for Licey in the DWL last Sunday. It was a rather forgettable two-run, two-inning effort as he stretches himself back out. The key for Mejia this winter is to see if he can boost a strikeout rate that was abnormally low throughout the summer in 2012.
  • Strangely, lefty Chase Huchingson and his 8.53 ERA will get the call later today in the AFL Rising Stars game. I'd love to hear the process behind this decision beyond the fact that they probably needed another lefty. They probably wanted another Saguaros representative, too, but in that case I would have thought Adam Kolarek would be the easy choice. Either way, the game will air live on MLB Network tonight at 8:00 pm.
  • Steady as she goes for Cesar Puello, who continues to showcase disappointingly mediocre offensive skills. I like all the steals, but beyond the "meh" bat, his awful plate discipline is the real concern. His terrible 18:3 strikeout-to-walk ratio is actually an improvement on his totals with St. Lucie in 2012. At age 21, there's a growing chance that this flaw negates his ability to ever be an impact player at the highest levels. Defensively, Puello has mostly been alternating with Darrell Ceciliani out in center field for the Saguaros.
  • Danny Muno made his delayed AFL debut last week. He's only played in four games thus far, all at third base. A middle infielder by trade, he's played just two games at third in his pro career. On the offensive side, he's already established his trademark 1:1 strikeout-to-walk rate.
  • Meanwhile, with the addition of Muno, Dustin Lawley has seen his playing time drop. He's played in just one game since October 20 after making four errors at third in just seven games.