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Mets Morning News: David Wright Re-signs With The Mets

New York Mets related news and links for November 30, 2012.

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Mike Stobe

There's really no need to go digging around for Mets news this morning, as the team and its best player came to an agreement on a 7-year, $122 million extension. Wright was still under contract for the 2013 season, so he's now under team control until the end of the 2020 season. There is a good chance that Wright will no longer be worth what he's getting paid at the end of this deal, but I doubt many fans will complain too much about making sure Wright remains a Met for the rest of his career. It was a rough season, but it's a great day to be a Mets fans.

There is still no word on an extension for Cy Young winning pitcher R.A. Dickey. I can't imagine that situation drags out for too much longer though, as the winter meetings start Monday and the Mets should already have a pretty clear idea of what Dickey is looking for. Jon Heyman reported yesterday that the Mets have had talks with the Royals about Dickey, although it's not implied that those talks had gotten very far.

Yesterday at AA:

David Wright re-signed with the Mets. There was much rejoicing.

Chris took a look at the third base situation, something that now has a bit more clarity.

Chris also gave us a TRAID related mind boggler. David Wright doesn't look like he's going to be TRAIDed at any time in the near future anymore.

Around baseball:

Mariano Rivera and the Yankees have reportedly agreed to a one year contract that will see Rivera have a few more trips out to the mound before he hangs up his cleats. The Yankees also reached an agreement with pitcher Andy Pettitte.

The Yankees lost a member of their team from last season, as Russell Martin agreed to a two-year deal with the Pirates. It's nice to see the Pirates pushing to get better.

The Nats and Twins came together on a trade, with the Nats acquiring Denard Span for pitching prospect Alex Meyer

Heyman told us yesterday that the Mets and Royals had talked Dickey, and Dave Cameron talked about Wil Myers and filling a need. Personally, I could get behind the idea of losing Dickey for a prospect of Myers' caliber. Keeping David Wright makes a lot of things easier to take.