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Introducing FanPost Friday

Recognizing the incredible community-driven content of Amazin' Avenue.

Whatever modest success we've achieved at Amazin' Avenue is owed largely to the talent, passion, and non-reticence of the community here, and while our product team at SB Nation is working as we speak to expand the role and visibility of your contributions, we can do a better job ourselves of recognizing greatness when we see it and giving your work a bigger spotlight on the site.

To wit, we plan on being more aggressive in promoting your great FanPosts and FanShots to the front page, but we're also launching FanPost Fridays, which will get your terrific — or, at least, entertaining and amusing — work more exposure. You'll always be able to view FanPosts selected for promotion at the FanPost Friday page, and on Fridays we'll feature that page in the cover of Amazin' Avenue.

Our method for determining which FanPosts should be promoted is a mix of objective and subjective considerations, but some general thoughts include:

  • Recommendations. The more recs your FanPost receives, the more likely our attention will be drawn to it.
  • Comments. Most discussion is good, and a FanPost which has provoked considerable and worthwhile discourse is a great candidate for promotion.
  • Grission. This includes MS Paint, tables, and false hustle in all of its forms. Make it look nice.

Now go make some FanPosts so we can attend to the task of making sure your best ones get the attention they deserve.