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Mets Morning News: Panama, Panama

I was going to put some lyrics from "Panama" by Van Halen here since I am linking to an article about Ruben Tejada playing for Team Panama, but as it turns out, they are unconscionably stupid.

Alex Trautwig

Meet the Mets

Ruben Tejada will represent Team Panama at this year's World Baseball Classic. I'm guessing a Tejada Panama jersey will end up on my Christmas list now.

Ted Berg discusses a potential Dickey trade. Again. Man, Ted is such a buzzkill.

It's not a Gold Glove (don't know if that is a good or a bad thing really), but David Wright was named the Mets' Wilson Defensive Player of the Year. Since there is only one award per team, you could argue Tejada had the better defensive season once you factor in know, nevermind. I've already given this way too much thought.

The Mets are teaming up with City Harvest to organize a food drive for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you bring ten or more items, you get a voucher redeemable for tickets to an April Mets game.

Yesterday at AA

Rob Castellano ruminated on potential prospect swaps involving Wilmer Flores.

James Kannengieser reviewed David Wright's performance at the hot corner in 2012. Oh yeah, and Justin Turner's too.

And Brock Mahan looked back at the day the Straw left town.

Around MLB

Over at Baseball Nation, Cee Angi takes a look at the impending free agency of wandering mid-rotation starter Edwin Jackson. I was listening to Joe Posnanski's podcast with Keith Law from last week and they summed up Jackson pretty nicely. Has #1 stuff, pitches like a #4. Except when he pitches like a #1. That can all happen in the same game too.

Speaking of Joe Pos, he crafts some all-time line-ups for lefties, righties, and switch hitters over at his eponymous JoeBlog.

And now, Mets Morning News presents "Your Week in Melky"

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Melky Cabrera is eligible for a full playoff share despite his 50-game suspension. What do you think, Mrs. Lovejoy?

Melky is also a finalist for the MLB Heart and Hustle award. Get your snarky jokes in now before all the good ones are taken. Oops, too late.

And Melky's agents, Levinson ACES were cleared of any wrongdoing in regards to the whole fake website scam. They also happen to be David Wright's agents. What does this mean for a potential Wright extension with the Mets? Probably nothing.

This has been your Week in Melky.

The Astros are starting to fill out their coaching staff, adding Denny Martinez and Eduardo Perez. El Presidente was a favorite of mine growing up, and basically had the same exact career of Jack Morris. Just sayin'.

From the "Uh, What are you waiting for" department, seems the Nationals still have yet to offer Davey Johnson a new contract.

Len Kasper is a great play-by-play man, but for some reason the Cubs seem intent on saddling him with the color commentary equivalent of cement shoes. Shocked they didn't inquire on Josh Lewin, who I am pretty well convinced will find another TV gig soon one way or the other. It's too bad, since he grew on me a lot over the course of the season.

Zack Greinke is the premier free agent pitcher this offseason, but Matthew Pouilot of Hardball Talk thinks he's going to be an overpay. What say you, AA commentariat. How much would you give Greinke as a free agent?

And finally FanGraphs takes a closer look at Denard Span, who would be an intriguing trade target for the Mets. I'm a big fan of Span and would think he'd come cheaper than say Bourjos.

And Your Mets Highlight of the Day to Get You Through the Long, Cold Winter

We'll always have Paris, R.A.

And Your Non-Baseball Link of the Day

Alison Brie holding a kitten? Alison Brie holding a kitten.