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Lucas Duda Undergoes Surgery On Wrist He Broke Moving Furniture

Lucas Duda broke his wrist last month while moving furniture, an injury that wasn't made public until he underwent surgery on the wrist today.

Scott Cunningham

According to the Mets' Twitter feed, Lucas Duda underwent surgery on his right wrist today at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. Duda fractured the wrist sometime last month while moving furniture at his California apartment, but the injury wasn't made public until today. This certainly isn't good news for the Mets, despite the fact that the team is reporting Duda will be ready for spring training in mid-February.

After showing a decent amount of power between his cup of coffee with the Mets in 2010 and 347 plate appearances in 2011, Duda had a much less powerful season in 2012. His ISO — isolated slugging, which is the difference between his slugging percentage and batting average — was just .150 as he hit 15 home runs in 459 plate appearances.

The thing is, wrist injuries have a way of hindering power for quite a while, even after they appear to be fully healed. There's been plenty of speculation the either Duda or Ike Davis could be traded this winter since neither one is fit for any position but first base, but Duda's value figures to take quite a hit with the news of his injury.