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Mets morning news: Mets talking Dickey trade, Alderson and Boras have jokes

Sandy Alderson and the Mets were reportedly gauging interest in Cy Young shoe-in R.A. Dickey at the GM meetings on Thursday.

Mike Stobe

The GM meetings are underway, and as always, that means there will be countless stories about players that may be on the block and guys that the team might be looking to acquire. The hot topic of the day yesterday was Cy Young favorite R.A. Dickey, as reports suggested that Sandy Alderson was gauging his TRAID value. That's fine by me, as doing your homework before committing to an extension seems like a prudent (and very non-Mets) way to do business. We really better be blown away if we pull the trigger on a TRAID though.

Speaking of being blown away, Fangraphs took a look at Dickey after the news linked that the Mets were listening on him yesterday.

One of the things that you'd assume we'd look for in a Dickey trade is outfield help. Sandy Alderson had some jokes about the situation, and Scott Boras had one of his own as well.

Kind of buried by the DIckey talk was another big story for the team. After a year off, the Mets will be fielding a rookie level affiliate again in 2013. It's nice to see we've decided to do that.

Yesterday at AA:

Eno had a very sunny piece about what just might be coming for Mets fans. It's nice to know that we may have tons of fun pitching to watch even if we TRAID the Dickey.

Around Baseball:

Four of the eight players with qualifying offers still on the table have decided to reject those offers and test the open market. All of those players will now cost a first round draft pick to sign, although none of those guys are in "the freezer section".

Over at Baseball Nation, they took a look at four free agents who could surprise next season. There's one guy on that list that played for the Mets last year...

MLB is looking into equipment that could make the game safer for pitchers. I want more of the David Wright helmet...make them wear it all the time.

Jason Bay is willing to consider a return to the Red Sox. No kidding. Somehow I doubt signing a player that's been worth less than 0.5 WAR annually for the last three years is high on the Sox priority list this winter. Who knows though, maybe players that are bad at baseball are the new market inefficiency.