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Mets Morning News: All Dickey, All the Time

It could be worse I suppose. The Mets could have traded R.A. for two years of James Shields and Wade Davis.

Ezra Shaw

Meet the Mets

New news on the Dickey front! Andy Martino is reporting the Mets have upped their offer to R.A., to two years and 20 million dollars, which begs the question makes you wonder what exactly their offer was before. Dickey is reportedly asking for two years, $26 million. That seems insanely reasonable in this market. Howard Megdal wonders why this is all taking so long anyway.

But hey, if the R.A. Dickey things doesn't work out, there's always Cody Ross! I can't see the phrase "kicking the tires" now without thinking of this Ted Berg piece from Baseball Prospectus. And speaking of Ted, he's found some video of Tsuyoshi Shinjo pitching. This falls squarely inside my "Tsuyoshi Shinjo auto-share" rule.

Richard Justice of thinks that the Mets are in a position of strength w/r/t/ Dickey now that Shields and Grienke are off the board.

Yesterday at AA

Steve Sypa took a closer look at Korean starter Suk-Min Yoon.

Eric reported in on the results of our annual pledge drive. All I know is Tony LaRussa cost CARE some money this year by starting Matt Cain in the All-Star Game. So obviously, Tony LaRussa hates children.

Sam Page (not the one from Deadspin, I asked) didn't take kindly to the Mike Olt for R.A. Dickey trade rumors.

Thomas Wachtel reminded us all that Richard Hidalgo once played for the Mets.

Rob Castellano rounded up all the Mets minor league free agent moves. Hey, those are almost like major league free agent moves

Chris McShane peered into his crystal ball to see what 2013 might bring for the Mets at shortstop.

And finally, December 10th was Mets TRAID day. Brock Mahan told you all about it.

Around MLB

More fallout from the Royals/Rays blockbuster: Rob Neyer tries to figure out just how bad it is for Kansas City, while Baseball America polled some scouts and front office types, most of whom didn't think it was that bad. And at FanGraphs Mike Newman examines what the deal means for former number one overall pick Tim Beckham.

Grant Brisbee ponders if the Dodgers have the best rotation in the National League now, while Joe Posnanski thinks Los Angeles has built the best team of 2009.

Kevin Correia signed with the Twins for two years and ten million dollars. Once again, why haven't the Mets just signed R.A.?

And finally, Beyond the Box Score tries to determine who is the best bunter of all-time. BUNTZ! Whoever it is, don't tell Jerry Manuel.