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Mets Morning News: Selfish, selfish Dickey wants to be paid almost adequately

New York Mets related news and links for December 12, 2012


In typical Mets fashion, ownership have apparently decided to leak some issues they have with one of their best players in an attempt to help negotiations. That R.A. Dickey is a real jerk, isn't he? What on earth have Mets' fans done to deserve the Wilpons? Seriously Bud Selig, wake up and look closely at the situation for a few minutes.

The Mets are still trying to bring back Scott Hairston. That seems like good news to me, although I don't love the idea of a multi-year deal for a guy with the platoon splits he has.

The details of David Wright's deferred money are out there, and it doesn't look quite as ridiculous as the way Bobby Bonilla's deal was dealt with. Did anyone else realize we were still paying him?

Yesterday at AA:

Chris took a look at center field, continuing the 2013 outlook series.

There were pictures of R.A. Dickey and candy. Hooray!

David looked back on the day we signed Luis Castillo's predecessor. Not surprisingly, he was better than Luis Castillo.

Around baseball:

Grant Brisbee sort of tried to defend the Diamondbacks following the Trevor Bauer TRAID. BtB had a review of the TRAID with a poll up, and to the surprise of nobody, the D-Backs weren't doing well.

Rob Neyer compares the Dodgers to the Death Star. Something something Death Star? That always gets a link.

The Rays continue to do smart things, as they are close to signing the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona. Watch him be all useful again...