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Mets Trade Rumors: Dickey Could Be Traded Soon

The Mets are reportedly making progress on a deal that would send Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Alex Trautwig

According to multiple reports, the Mets have moved much closer to trading Cy Young winner and all-around great guy R.A. Dickey this afternoon.

Earlier today, the Mets were reportedly working with three teams to find a match for Dickey in a trade: the Orioles, Rangers, and Blue Jays. More recently, it's been reported that the Rangers are no longer in talks with the Mets, but a deal is getting closer with Toronto.

There's no question that the Mets' return for Dickey needs to be exceptional in order to make a trade with another team. As for what that return might be, well, it's all speculation at this point. But J.P. Arencibia, whose name has been bandied about in rumors all winter, would not be an acceptable centerpiece of a deal if the Mets complete a trade with the Blue Jays.

If a quick resolution to these rumors is what you seek, you might be out of luck, says Anthony DiComo.