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Thoughts on Baseball America's 2013 Mets Top Ten Prospect List

'Tis the season for prospect ranking and Baseball America kicked off the festivities this year with their Mets ranking.

Baseball America tabbed Brandon Nimmo as the Mets third-best prospect.
Baseball America tabbed Brandon Nimmo as the Mets third-best prospect.

Despite the fact that it seems changes are imminent, Baseball America released their Mets top ten prospect ranking for 2013 yesterday -- as ranked by BA's Matt Eddy. The list goes as follows:

1. Zack Wheeler, rhp
2. Gavin Cecchini, ss
3. Brandon Nimmo, of
4. Luis Mateo, rhp
5. Rafael Montero, rhp
6. Wilmer Flores, 3b/2b
7. Michael Fulmer, rhp
8. Jeurys Familia, rhp
9. Domingo Tapia, rhp

Cory Mazzoni, rhp

It's certainly an interesting list. Definitely not without it's conversation pieces.

My initial reactions:

  • What first caught my eye was how low -- relatively speaking -- they placed Wilmer Flores despite his big 2012 in Double-A. Obviously they're dinging him for the lack of any positional value -- which I get -- I'm just not sure I buy one of the handful of best bats in all of minor league baseball as the third-best positional prospect in the Mets farm system. I don't get the continued apprehension about his power either; he's a big kid who was projected to grow into it -- and did in 2012.
  • 1A, Luis Mateo at no. 4? Wow, I'm higher on Mateo than most and this is ambitious even for me. I guess it just goes back to what I've been saying in Mateo's defense: The guy already has a top 5 fastball in the system and a potentially plus, razor slider. And despite the advanced age (22) he's still got less than 150 pro innings under his belt. His change-up has a loooong way to go if he's going to start in the majors but it's not as if the development clock runs out at 23.
  • I'm still not set on exactly where Montero fits in for me, but I have to say I don't dislike the ranking at no. 5. Though even at 7 I feel like Fulmer isn't getting full due for the debut season he just had at age 19. I mean there's a decent shot he's taking Wheeler's place atop the system at this time next year. Don't know if I feel comfortable saying the same about Montero. I'd likely switch those two.
  • One I'd really love to hear an explanation about is Mazzoni in the top ten. I know the good velocity was still there and he repeats his delivery exceptionally well -- hence the very good command. But his results in 2012 still were just not very good. And not in the way that you can feel ok about; a mid-6 strikeouts per nine for a guy who's hitting the mid-90's is a bad sign. I like him as a fast-moving late reliever should he move to the 'pen, but I'm not sure that's a top ten profile -- at least not before the barn door opens. I'd have at least 3-4 guys I'd slot there before even thinking about Mazzoni.

But enough out of me, what are your thoughts?

*NOTE - For anyone wondering, percolations are imminent on the 2013 AA Top 50. However, don't expect a finalized product too soon with the face of the Mets farm system currently in flux...