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Mets Morning News: All Over But The Waiting

The Blue Jays and Mets continue to inch closer to finalizing their seven-player deal, and....well, that's pretty much all we're going to talk about.

One last Dickeyface for the road.
One last Dickeyface for the road.

Meet the Mets

The Mets are just waiting for R.A. Dickey and the Jays to finalize an extension, and then the Cuban Missile Crisis of offseason baseball trades will finally reach a conclusion. As of when I am typing these words, the deal is reportedly Noah Syndergaard/Travis d'Arnaud/John Buck/Non-elite Jays prospect for Dickey/Josh Thole/Non-elite Mets prospect. Of course, despite every other part of the deal leaking out, the mystery prospects are still a mystery.

For more on Syndergaard and d'Arnaud, John Sickels has a review of the trade at Minor League Ball, and included both on his hot-off-the-presses Top 20 Mets Prospect list. Very different from the BA list (even beyond having the Toronto guys), so I just disagree with it for different reasons. No Puello or Aderlin being my two biggest quibbles, especially looking at some of the names on the back end of the Top 20.

The backlash to the R.A Dickey smearing is in full force as both Emma Span and Tyler Kepner have some things to say about it. And this is from a few days ago, but David & David at the Classical yakked about R.A. Dickey and other baseball things.

Meanwhile, over at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron looks at the trade from the Blue Jays perspective.

BREAKING: There will be no more Pelfin' at Citi Field, as Mike Pelfrey signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Twins. This is a lock for the most predictable signing off the offseason now that Ed Wade isn't around anymore to give a three-year deal to a just okay reliever.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan fondly recalled the Mets bringing back Tom Seaver for one more go-round. He also thankfully skips over the part where the Mets screwed up and let him leave again a year later.

And the Dickey story stream rolled on, and you guys probably broke some commenting record.

Around MLB

Speaking of New York teams that aren't spending any money, it would seem that the Yankees are kicking the tires on Michael Bourn.

In case you missed it, Miguel Cabrera won the AL MVP award this year, and some people had strong opinions about it. Anyway, here's an argument that he was actually better in 2011.

And here's Pirates GM Neil Huntington defending the now infamous Navy SEAL training for his minor league players.

And finally

Mets Morning News would like to bid a fond farewell to R.A. Dickey. Good luck and safe travels!