A thing of beauty

My best guesses. That's a full load, no?


1. Santana

2. Niese

3. Gee

4. Harvey

5. Some Dude


1. Wheeler

2. Mejia

3. Familia

4. McHugh

5. Gorski

Its the first time in a couple of years that if we suffer an injury, we aren't calling up 29 year old dreck, but a real live prospect. Cool.


1. Montero

2. DeGrom (guess based on age)

3. Mazzoni

4. Peavy/Cohoon (meh)

5. Goedel/Hutchingson/Cuan

Probably the weakest of the bunch, but (a lot) of help is on the way

A. (very sweet)

1, Syndergaard

2. Fullmer

3. Tapia

4. Mateo (guessing he jumps a level)

5. Verrett/Pill/Matz

This feels a lot like 83/84 Mets low A - Gooden, Youmens, Myers, Aguilera - even with Darling and El Sid in the majors. No Doc now


1. Lara

2. Ynoa

3. Robles

4. Cessa

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