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Mets Release 2013 Batting Practice Caps

Sweet new Mr. Met design destined to please.

USA Today Sports

Major League Baseball, in a transparent effort to make money do something fun and exciting, has revealed new batting practice cap designs for all thirty big league teams this year. Nonpareil sports uniform and logo authority Paul Lukas has reviewed all of the caps at Uni Watch and gives the Mets' sweet new Mr. Met-adorned cap an A-, noting:

Mr. Met has appeared only one time on a Mets uni component (he was a sleeve patch for a fauxback that was worn three times in 2009), so it's cool to see him on the BP cap. One quibble, though: The cap has an orange brim, but the Mr. Met shown on the cap has a blue brim. This isn't just an inconsistency — it's inappropriate because the original Mr. Met cartoon character always wore an orange-brimmed cap.

(click to embiggen)

I'm not really a cap-wearer myself, but I'm inclined to agree with Paul that the Mets should have gone with the all-blue color scheme instead of the contrasting orange brim. Nevertheless, the more Mr. Met apparel designs, the better as far as I'm concerned.