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A Brief Scouting Report On LHP Aaron Laffey

Aaron Laffey is 27-years-old, a left-handed pitcher, and now a New York Met (minor leaguer). What can we expect of him?

Jared Wickerham

On Thursday the Mets signed left-handed pitcher Aaron Laffey to a minor league deal. Laffey spent the 2012 season with the Blue Jays, splitting time between the big club and their Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas. Laffey strikes me as a seventh-starter type, but I asked our sister site Bluebird Banter for their take on him. Here's what Minor Leaguer (author, not baseball player) had to say:

Laffey serves well in AAA, would be okay to start a few games here and there to spell injuries, but Blue Jays fans know what he's like when he BECOMES your fifth (err fourth) starter for an extended period. He's good the first time through the order, but close your eyes when batters come back again — batters adapt to him while he has a hard time throwing anything other than his fastball.

He was decent in Vegas last year, kept the ball down in that horrific environment. He doesn't have significant lefty/righty splits so he'd be fine in a swingman/long role. For whatever reason he has good success against Boston.

Also, his name is easy to make puns with.