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Mets Morning News: R.I.P. 2012 Mets

As you get ready to ring in the new year, Mets Morning News looks back at the magical month of June, mourns Keith's moustache, and reminds you all that eventually the heat death of the universe comes for us all, hopefully after the Mets win a couple more World Series.

Mike Stobe

Meet the Mets

Anthony DiComo takes a look back at June, when Dickey pitched like Pedro and Johan Santana threw a freakin' no-hitter, you guys.

At Sports on Earth, Emma Span looks at the notable moustaches of 2012 and says a fond farewell to Keith Hernandez's iconic 'stache.

Javier Vazquez is considering a comeback. Make a phone call, Sandy.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan reminisced about former Mets GM Johnny Murphy.

Around MLB

The Marlins are "listening to offers" for Giancarlo Stanton, because you always listen to offers. The Marlins would never do something crazy like trade one of the five most valuable assets in baseball.

I don't know what's with all the Kevin Towers hagiography lately. Maybe people just really like platoon outfielders.

David Murphy pretty much nails the Hall of Fame controversy. At least there's only another fourteen years of this to go. Old Hoss Radbourn also has some cogent thoughts on the issue.

And now, your 2012 Mets highlight of the day to get through the long, cold winter:

Jeremy Hefner knocks a big dong (TM Michael Baron) for his first major league hit.

And your non-baseball link of the day:

Wikipedia's timeline of the far future: In the end, we all turn into sub-atomic goo. Not listed, any future Mets World Series titles. What's up with that, Wikipedia?