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In SB Nation Simulation, Mets Extend Dickey

Let's hope this happens in real life.

Jeff Curry

Updating my earlier post, the first from the SB Nation simulation on Major League Baseball's winter meetings, the simulated Mets were able to sign R.A. Dickey to a contract extension for two years, $24 million. That extension is tacked on to his 2013 option, which was picked up at $5 million, and the deal includes a no-trade clause.

Keeping Dickey around for three more years was a priority of mine, as it seemed incredibly unlikely to get a worthwhile return via trade. With Dickey in the fold, this version of the Mets should be able to count on its rotation for the foreseeable future.

The current roster and salary mentioned in the first post in this series remain the same. The only big change here is that a trade of Dickey is entirely off the table. Perhaps Jon Niese can still be had in the right deal.

Here's to three more years of (simulated) Dickey-face Photoshoppery!