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Mets Morning News: Dickeypalooza

The Mets entertained all kind of offers for R.A. Dickey yesterday in Nashville, yet I don't find any of it entertaining.

Christopher Pasatieri

Meet the Mets

All your Mets news are belong to R.A. Dickey. Here's the cliff notes:

The Mets are entertaining offers for R.A. Dickey, but want a 'difference maker,' according to GM Sandy Alderson. That 'difference maker' appears to be a team's top two prospects if the reports of their discussions with the Red Sox are accurate. Mets also reportedly talked to the Dodgers about Dickey, but the Dodgers system lacks MLB-ready prospects, or really elite prospects in general. Meanwhile, Andy Martino writes that Jon Niese, not R.A. Dickey, is the Mets' best trade asset. And over at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron tries to determine Dickey's present day trade value. Got it? Good, now forget it, because we'll have completely different rumors today.

The Royals have been rumored to be in on Dickey as well, and Rany Jazayerli thinks Kansas City has to make it happen.

Terry Collins met with the media in Nashville yesterday to talk 2013. The important news is Darin Gorski will get a chance to earn a major league bullpen spot in Spring Training. GORSKI!

Ted Berg wants to know who ya got: Zack Wheeler or the Royals' Wil Myers? And Toby Hyde takes a look at where Wilmer Flores will play now that Wright is signed through 2020. Shockingly, it's not going to be second base.

Faith and Fear in Flushing considers Sandy's inner monologue at the Winter Meetings.

Jordany Valdespin was suspended from his winter ball team for 'insubordination.' Wish I could say I was surprised.

Wrapping up our Mets links for the morning, Howard Megdal looks at the other stuff Alderson will have to accomplish in Nashville.

Yesterday at AA

The big boss took a look at the Mets negotiating strategy w/r/t/ R.A. Dickey.

The SBNation Winter Meetings simulation kicked off with Chris McShane in the GM's chair. I'm consulting on the player development system, so be nice you guys.

And Brock Mahan looked back at the Tug McGraw trade, the day we all stopped having to believe.

Around MLB

The Winter Meetings kicked off with a bit of a bang, as Mike Napoli signed a three year, 39 million dollar deal with the Red Sox, and Angel Pagan inked with the Giants for four years and 40 million. On Pagan: Happy he got paid and he's got a good shot to outperform the deal, but I'm glad it wasn't the Mets giving him four years.

The Yankees announced that Alex Rodriguez will need surgery on his other hip and may miss up to half of the 2013 season. Too bad there isn't a franchise third baseman available in trade anymore.

The Mariners are working hard in Nashville to revamp their stagnant offense, talking with the Diamondbacks about Justin Upton and meeting with free agent Josh Hamilton.

The Baseball Nation Irrational Hatred series continues with the NL Central.

And finally, Beyond the Box Score tries to figure out why Ian Desmond sees so many first pitch strikes.