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New York Mets Slogans

The Mets have employed a seemingly endless collection of team slogans over the years. Here's a bunch of them:

Bring Your Kids To See Our Kids (1979)
The Magic Is Back (1980)
Catch The Rising Stars (1983)
Baseball Like It Oughta Be (1986)
Let's Do It Again (1987)
Hardball Is Back (1992)
Show Up At Shea (1998)
Amazin' Again (2000)
National League Champs (2001)
Always Believe (2002)
Experience It (2003)
Catch the Energy (2004)
The New Mets (2005)
The Team. The Time. The Mets. (2006)
Your Season Has Come (2007)
We Believe In Comebacks (2010)

They've yet to reveal a new catchphrase for the 2012 team, so use this thread to suggest some possibilities. I'll forward the best onto the Mets' media relations staff. Or not. We'll see how it goes. Here are a few to get you started:

E Pluribus Dickey
None For The Money
Check Back In 2013
Beltran-Free Since 2012
This Space For Rent