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Mets Honor Gary Carter With 2012 Uniform Patch

We love ya, Kid!
We love ya, Kid!

The Mets leaked the Gary Carter commemorative patch on Twitter yesterday, and now we've got our first look at how the patch will look on 2012 Mets jerseys. It looks awesome. Classy. Perfect.

Terry Collins, Fred Wilpon, and Jeff Wilpon presented the patch to Carter's wife, Sandy, after the late catcher's memorial service on Friday. The Mets will first wear the patch in game action in their Spring Training opener on Monday, March 5 against the Nationals (here's the full 2012 Mets Spring Training schedule).

The Mets are rightly criticized for a lot of things, but they got this one exactly right. Carter is a Met icon and is as beloved as nearly anyone who ever strode plateward wearing orange and blue. While he may never have his number retired by the team (there are quite a few gents in line ahead of him for canonization), he's already in the Mets' Hall of Fame and now every game of the 2012 season will be played in his honor.