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Fred Wilpon Hints Mets Should Get 2013 MLB All-Star Game

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The long and winding road to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game may lead to Citi Field after all.

Fred Wilpon spoke with the beat writers during the Mets' spring training practice at Port St. Lucie this morning and spoke openly about the midsummer classic's chances of coming to Flushing next year. Here's Fred Wilpon's All-Star comments as recapped via Twitter by David Lennon of Newsday:

Wilpon also said All-Star Game at Citi will be announced soon as financial details are worked out with city. #mets

Here's some more Fred Wilpon from the Twitter feed of ESPN New York's Adam Rubin:

Fred also said 2013 All-Star Game holdup is city/MLB-related but optimistic game coming.

This isn't exactly groundbreaking news as we already knew that the Mets and MLB are navigating the morass that is the bureaucracy of New York City government. However, it's significant in that we're hearing it from the horse's, err, Wilpon's mouth in what's been the most high-profile comment about the 2013 MLB All-Star game's home field. Even if you don't want the Wilpons calling the shots by next summer, you can't do anything about them being the ones handling the negotiating this summer.

The Wilpons chimed in on various other topics, including the future of David Wright and their intentions to remain the owners of your New York Mets indefinitely. Rubin has the transcript here.