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A Stich in Side Affects All Nine Applesauce: More links about obliques and food

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Vamanos!  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Vamanos! (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

The five or six healthy players in Mets camp managed to play a rain-shortened game yesterday in PSL against the Marlins. The Mets lost 4-2, but no one slipped on the wet field and rolled an ankle, or strained an oblique swinging a bat, so that makes it a moral victory.

Johan Santana made his second start of the Spring for the Mets, and while he struggled with his control at times, the change-up looked good. And again, his arm didn't fall off on the mound. So we are making progress. Assuming all goes well, he should be up to 60 pitches or so in his next outing. Ted Berg is feeling cautiously optimistic about the whole affair, and I am starting to share in his very reserved and stately enthusiasm.

In case you missed it, the Mets camp is turning into a MASH ward of upper body injuries. We don't even have a Reyes hamstring injury to distract us, either. Terry Collins is blaming the espresso, of course. #blamecoffee. This is just a reminder that we are, of course, snakebitten baby! Wright's totally no big deal ribcage injury is totally getting an unimportant flight back to NYC for a completely superfluous cortisone shot. Everything is fine, you guys. Tim Byrdak also hurt his knee and couldn't defend his bowling title on bowling night. That is the real tragedy here.

With Byrdak's status is question, now is a good time to link to Beyond the Boxscore's piece on C.J. Nitkowski, who is expected to be in Mets camp soon. And is left-handed. But at least Lucas Duda and Danny Herrera are ready to go after battling a pair of back injuries.

Mike Baxter has declared that he can in fact play centerfield if called upon. So can I, Mike, and neither of us should be out there. That goes for you too, Adam Loewen.

To round out our Mets news, Greg Prince pens an apologia of sorts for Mike Pelfrey. I agree with just about all of this, but still am not looking forward to sitting through 32 of his starts this year.

Around the NL East

During the Mets/Marlins tussle yesterday, The Artist Formerly Known as Mike Stanton took a Chris Schwinden pitch off the hand, he was removed for a pinch-runner and is day to day. Aren't we all, though?

Speaking of the Marlins, they are having a tiff with the Cardinals over the length of the rain delay during Saturday's Grapefruit League game. A spat between the Cardinals and Marlins? Yeah, I'm not taking a side here. I can't possibly not hate both teams equally.

CyborgHanson is back and just having fun out there.

Around MLB

Frankly, the Cardinals have bigger issue's than whether the Marlins stretched out a rain delay so they could have a union meeting. Chris Carpenter has a bulging disc in his neck and might miss opening day. The NL Central is the worst, you guys.

Baseball Nation takes a look at the Mariners and their bucket of pitching prospects. As sweet as the Harvey/Wheeler/Familia troika is, the Mariners embarass even the Mets with their prospect riches.

More prospect talk as Brett Lawrie is clearly the Blue Jays King of Spring Training. (KOST!) I forgot he was drafted as a catcher in 2008.

Even more prospect talk, as the Cubs have signed Cuban lefty Gerardo Concepcion to a five year deal. He's only 20 with a year of professional baseball in Cuba under his belt, so he's probably still a year or two away. The Cubs are reportedly in on Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler as will.

And we wap up with your TrueSABR link of the day, as MGL takes a look at speed, OBP and line-up construction.