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Mets 7, Tigers 7: A Spring Training Tie!

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There's no video evidence of the Mets' tie with the Tigers today, but Lucas Duda entered the King of Spring Training competition with a grand slam. The Dude also drew a walk this afternoon, and Mike Nickeas drove in a couple of runs on a pair of doubles. Jordany Valdespin also went 2-for-4 on the day with a triple.

On the mound, Jon Niese had about as Jon Niese of a start as possible. He pitched three innings, struck out four, walked none, and allowed three runs. Robert Carson followed up with a scoreless frame. Josh Stinson then gave up three runs in his inning of work, allowing doubles to Miguel Cabrera, Alex Avila, and Gerald Laird in the process. It was a certainly a bad outing, but similar things have probably happened to baseball's best relievers.

Armando Rodriguez and Daniel Ray Herrera threw a scoreless inning a piece, Jeremy Hefner gave up an unearned run in two-thirds of an inning, and Josh Edgin struck and walked out two opponents in one-and-one-third innings. Jeff Stevens, who I hadn't heard of prior to looking at the box score, threw a scoreless tenth inning to seal up the tie.

The Mets continue their spring training schedule tomorrow at Digital Domain Park as they host the Cardinals at 1:10 pm. The game will be on SNY. Veterans don't often travel for spring training games, but there's a slim chance of seeing Carlos Beltran in a Cardinals uniform. Yuck.