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Open Thread: Mets vs Cardinals, 3/13/12

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Miss you.
Miss you.

The Mets face the Cardinals at home today at 1:10pm. The game can be seen on SNY.

Scheduled to pitch for the Mets:

Mike Pelfrey
Fernando Cabrera
Frank Francisco
Jon Rauch
Manny Acosta
Garrett Olson
Ramon Ramirez
Bobby Parnell

And the Mets' starting lineup:

1. Andres Torres, CF
2. Daniel Murphy, 2B
3. Jason Bay, LF
4. Ike Davis, 1B
5. Lucas Duda, RF
6. Lucas May, C
7. Adam Loewen, DH
8. Josh Satin, 3B
9. Omar Quintanilla, SS

Adam Wainwright is on the mound for the Cardinals. Carlos Beltran is in the starting lineup, playing right field.