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Tigers 7, Mets 6: Golden Opportunity for Second Spring Training Tie Slips Away

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Is Wilmer Flores making an error here? Probably.
Is Wilmer Flores making an error here? Probably.

They can't all be ties. The Mets and Tigers went to the tenth inning this afternoon, just like they did on Monday. This time, however, the Mets fell a run short when Jack Egbert allowed a game-winning single to Quintin Berry in the bottom of the tenth inning.

In terms of individual performances, Dillon Gee had a nice outing. He allowed two runs on one Prince Fielder home run in four innings of work, but he struck out five and walked only one. Thanks in part to a two-error play by Wilmer Flores, Chuck James allowed four runs in his lone inning of work, which included three walks. Chris Schwinden threw three scoreless innings, and Darrin Gorski threw one, too. Egbert only recorded one out but gave walked two and gave up the game-winning hit.

There weren't many highlights at the plate, but the Mets did draw eleven walks. Jordany Valdespin went 2-for-5 with one walk, which was the most notable offensive performance of the afternoon.

The Mets visit the Marlins for a game at 1:05 pm tomorrow, but it will not be broadcast.

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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