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Thursday Morning Applesauce: The Medical Staff Stays Busy While The Wilpons Get Bad News

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Terry Collins must be watching Tigers batting practice here
Terry Collins must be watching Tigers batting practice here

Before we get into all the off the field stuff, there was a baseball game played yesterday that got national television coverage. While Prince Fielder and the potentially awesome Tigers offense was the hot topic for the broadcast, the Mets were the team that jumped out to an early 4-0 lead. The Tigers offense got some help from our defense as they came back with 6 unanswered, eventually winning 7-6. That Tigers offense would probably actually be fun to watch if it wasn't for their use of the DH. Stupid DH.

We all know the injury bug has generally not been kind to the Mets in recent years, and things seem to be heading in that direction again in the early going. The NY Times takes a look at the early injury woes surrounding the Mets and their collective obliques. Hopefully these issues won't continue to be a problem as meaningful games start.

This story has been out there for about 24 hours now, so I'm sure most of you in the NY area have already heard the news. The Wilpons will have to be more aggressive in their defense than originally anticipated when their trial gets underway, as the presiding judge has ruled that they are responsible for proving that they were not "willfully blind" to the fraud going on. Jury selection gets underway shortly, so expect this story to be around for a bit.

The news broke several days ago that bullpen catcher Eric Langill had been arrested for DUI in Florida. The club has gone ahead and suspended him without pay for 7 days and ordered him to seek counseling.

Matt Harvey was in action in a minor league game yesterday. Harvey discussed his outing in some audio they have up at Metsblog.

Jose Reyes was held out of yesterday's lineup for the Marlins, so all indications are that he'll start for the first time against the Mets this afternoon. While that will be a bit surreal, I'm not expecting that to prepare me at all for the first time I see that in a regular season game. Then again, there's no guarantee that the Marlins next firesale won't have already started by next week.

The Mets yesterday made another minor league move yesterday, adding Craig Fritsch on a minor league deal. Also of note, former Met Ruben Gotay signed a minor league deal with the Jays.

Ted Berg has another over/under up at his blog. Today's subject is Jason Bay's OPS.

Howard Megdal ponders the Mets depth at third base. With David Wright's injury that may be an issue which comes into play. Get well soon David.

Around MLB

We'll start off the general section of the applesauce with a FanGraphs look at hitters who change parks. While not exactly the subject of the piece, the Mets will have 9 guys batting in a relatively new looking domain this season. The Marlins will actually be in a new home, and Fishstripes takes an early look at what we might expect.

The Braves made their first round of spring training cuts yesterday. It's about that time, and the Mets are scheduled to make their first set of cuts at some point today.

Bryce Harper was at one point looking like he might make the Nationals out of spring training. He has been fighting a few injuries, so that is starting to look less likely. This is probably the best case scenario for the Nats, as Harper staying in the minors for a few weeks will gain the team an extra year of control over the player.

Finally today we'll have a little news out of Tigers camp. Top prospect Jacob Turner has looked mostly good in spring training, but he's now been shut down with shoulder tendinitis.