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Carlos Beltran's Long Island Home Is For Sale

Carlos Beltran wants to TRAID his Long Island home.
Carlos Beltran wants to TRAID his Long Island home.

Now that he has signed with the St. Louis Cardinals, Carlos Beltran no longer needs his sprawling Sands Point, Long Island colonial home, so he's selling it. For $5.8 million. The house is gorgeous, and is exactly the sort of place I could see settling down in if I had been one of the best baseball players on the planet over the past decade. As Zillow describes it:

Like many Mets stars, including former players Darryl Strawberry, Bobby Ojeda and Doc Gooden, Beltran found comfort in Sands Point, the wooded, low-key but exclusive section of Port Washington on the north shore of Long Island. In fact, during an 2006 interview with the Newsday, Beltran confessed that Manhattan life was too hectic for him and that he loved walking out of his Sands Point home and seeing all the trees.

Despite competition among some high-end listings in Sands Point, Beltran’s [house] might be just the ticket for a classy, well-appointed home that’s just a few miles from Manhattan — or a 30-minute train ride to Citi Field, where Beltran’s All-Star hitting might be missed this season by his former team.

Moderately interesting side note: The above-linked Zillow article was written by Laura Vecsey, daughter of long-time but recently retired New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey.