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Braves 9, Mets 4: Magic Kingdominated

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Daniel Murphy means business.
Daniel Murphy means business.

Fours were wild for Jon Niese against the Braves in Disney World today. He pitched four innings, allowing four runs on four hits with four strikeouts. And his spring training ERA is now 4.40. He didn't walk anyone, meaning it was a typical underperformance-of-peripherals story for Niese. Miguel Batista started the bottom of the fifth inning with the game tied at four and proceeded to give up four runs in two innings of work. Dan Uggla hit a two-run home run off Batista to give the Braves the lead for good. Uggla is in midseason steak-and-dingers form. Batista is really old and it wouldn't be awful if he didn't make the team.

Josh Thole, Vinny Rottino, and Mike Baxter had two hits apiece. Thole notched the Mets' lone extra-base hit, a triple off the talented Mike Minor. Whitestone's own Baxter is batting .343 this spring -- an empty .343, it's worth noting -- and could find himself on the Opening Day roster, especially considering the Mets' outfield injury woes. Jordany Valdespin played center field off the bench for the second day in a row, catching his lone flyball chance. Click here for today's box score.

The Mets play the Cardinals in Port St. Lucie tomorrow at 1:05pm. It will be televised on WPIX so viewers can check in with Kevin. WFAN has the radio broadcast.

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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