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Open Thread: Mets vs. Nationals, 3/25/12

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(Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Mets visit the Nationals at 1:05 pm. Matt Harvey gets the start for the Mets, and Stephen Strasburg will be on the mound for Washington.

The Mets' lineup:

  1. Ruben Tejada - SS
  2. Daniel Murphy - 2B
  3. Jason Bay - LF
  4. Ike Davis - 1B
  5. Vinny Rottino - 3B
  6. Jordany Valdespin - CF
  7. Adam Loewen - RF
  8. Lucas May - C
  9. Matt Harvey - P
While it would be nice to be able to watch Harvey on the mound and Valdespin playing in center for the first time, the game will not be televised. It will, however, be on WFAN.