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You Can Win Spring Training Games Applesauce?: Mets score more runs than other team, Mayans were right

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He's alive! Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE
He's alive! Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Meet the Mets

The Mets finally figured out this whole baseball thing, sending more runners all the way to home plate than their opponents, besting the Cardinals 6-3. Johan Santana was effectively wild in five innings of work, and oh yeah, David Wright played. Unlike, Hardball Talk doesn't bury the lede. But the actual baseball game was secondary to the big news of the day: Yes, our long national nightmare is over, Carlos Beltran has finally paid for Jon Niese's nose job.

The Mets 25-man roster is slowly starting to come together, and it is a Frankenstein's monster of fringy dudes. Adam Rubin takes a guess at what this hideous creation might look like. So many players are going to have to get outrighted so we can roster Vinny Rottino and Garrett Olsen. Ugh. But help might be on the way as Chris Young, who, you know, is 50/50 to even pitch this year, has inked a minor league deal. And hey, Kip Wells threw for the Mets last week. So there's that.

Toby Hyde takes a look at the mess that is the Mets' center field position. Look, Hairston and Torres will be fine by Opening Day. Right? Right? Right? Ugh #2. I'm slowly warming to the idea of throwing Valdespin out there for a week. Oh, it's still a terrible idea, but it's better than burning a 40-man slot on an equally terrible idea. Toby also takes a look at the nine guys cut from minor league camp.

Finally, the Mets will honor Gary Carter on opening day, and his family will throw out the first pitch.

Around MLB

FanGraphs was a busy beaver yesterday. First, they rolled out their new fantasy baseball game. Then they started rolling out their infamous organizational rankings. Who will be this year's #6 org? Well it won't be Baltimore, Houston, or Oakland.

You know, I don't remember Bobby Valentine being quite this crotchety in his Mets days. But maybe that is just the warm glow of nostalgia whitewashing over some of the crankier stuff.

Giving extensions to players who are okay at baseball is the new market inefficiency! Congratulations Jonathan Lucroy and Dustin McGowan. No word if McGowan damaged his ulnar collateral ligament while signing the contract.

Miguel Cabrera is recovering nicely from trying to field a ball with his face and should be ready for Opening Day. At least until the next time he gets hurt because he has to play horribly out of position. Gotta get Andy Dirks his at-bats, you guys. Poor Doug Fister. Also playing third base, although he probably shouldn't be, is Pedro Alvarez. Hey, another prospect I was dead wrong about. Thought for sure he was the best bet to be an all-star out of that draft class.

My love for The Classical is strongly tested by this paean to Chipper Jones. But I will link it anyway. Happy, Roth?

Beyond the Box Score has a pretty new chart to look at, dissecting different types of speed.

And finally, if you ever wanted to own one of the famous T206 Honus Wagner cards, start digging through your couch cushions, because one will be up for auction soon.