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Make-the-Mets-O-Meter, Week 3: Hitters

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Vinny Rottino's got a shot at making the Mets' roster for Opening Day.
Vinny Rottino's got a shot at making the Mets' roster for Opening Day.

The Mets' roster for Opening Day has a few question marks, particularly in the outfield. Andres Torres seems to think he'll be back soon from his calf injury, but if he's not playing in games over the weekend, he may not be ready by next Thursday.

Since last week, Josh Satin and Omar Quintanilla have been cut and, therefore, removed from the meter. Matt den Dekker is back, however, since the Mets could begin the season without Torres or Scott Hairston ready.

Player Comment
Mike Baxter, OF Mike from Whitestone has gotten on base but has only one extra-base hit.
Matt den Dekker, OF Sent to minor league camp last week, den Dekker is back with the big club with the rash of outfield injuries. It's still tough to see him making the team, but it's not impossible.
Rob Johnson, C Johnson hasn't done anything to stand out yet. His .641 OPS won't turn heads.
Adam Loewen Loewen tore up the early part of the spring training schedule but is now hitting .268/.362/.366. Strikeouts could be a problem if he makes the team; he's struck out in nearly half of his plate appearances.
Lucas May, C Of the candidates to back up Josh Thole, May has the best track record with the bat. He's not showing it in spring training games, however, as he's hitting .182/.206/.242.
Mike Nickeas, C While he hasn't done much with the bat, neither have his competitors. He was the de facto candidate for the job coming into spring training, and he still figures to get it.
Valentino Pascucci, 1B Pascucci hasn't played or hit much and appears destined for Buffalo.
Vinny Rottino, OF/C Rottino has played a ton, hitting a modest .304/.319/326 in the process. The journeyman has a shot at the roster.
Jordany Valdespin Valdespin has been one of the better hitters in camp, and the Mets are toying with the idea of using him in center field. That's a bad idea at this juncture.