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Cutdown Applesauce: Mets Make Cuts, Consider Cutting Big Pelf

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Not cut...
Not cut...

The Mets had another tuneup yesterday as they faced off against the Astros. They won 9-1 as David Wright selfishly killed a rally by hitting a grand slam. That's poor David, that's poor.

Mike Pelfrey had his best outing of the spring in this one, looking good in 6 1/3 innings of work. Despite retiring the last ten batters he'd face and walking nobody, word still leaked out about the general displeasure of the Mets with Pelfrey's spring performance. If the NY media is to be believed, the Mets had considered cutting Pelfrey prior to opening day. I'd understand why ownership would be on board with that, but at this point in the spring I think that ship has sailed.

The Mets did make a few moves yesterday though, reassigning several players to minor league camp and optioning Jordany Valdespin. It looks like our backup catcher will be Mike Nickeas, and Mike Baxter appears to have made the bench. There's also some speculation on who'll round out the bullpen in that one, but I wouldn't bet against Josh Edgin being considered there. We'll see I suppose, but I can live with either lefty.

Early in the spring it didn't sound like Bobby Parnell would be a lock for the pen. He's responded with a pretty fantastic spring thus far, and his new curveball seems to be a major reason why. Let's hope the novelty of the pitch doesn't wear off as the games begin to count.

Chris Young will definitely be starting the season in Florida where he'll be rehabbing from shoulder surgery. He's expecting to start facing hitters again soon, I wouldn't hold your breath on seeing him in the majors any time soon though.

In other starting pitching news, R.A. Dickey would love to see the Mets pick up his option for next year asap. If he's healthy this seems like a no-brainer, but it doesn't make a ton of sense for the club to pick up the option at this point in the season unless they manage to extend Dickey even further. Get on it Sandy...

As I'm sure you're all aware, the Dodgers have been sold for a relatively obscene amount of money. The Daily News speculated on what it may have done to the value of the Mets. I think most of us have our fingers crossed that the amount that McCourt got for the Dodgers may convince the Wilpons that they really should consider selling. Please listen to reason Fred. Pretty please...

Howard Megdal took a quick look at how the Mets stack up at 2nd base compared to the rest of the division. The results may surprise you. Some guy named Eno also took a look at how the Mets as an organization look, as FanGraphs ranked them 20th in this year's rankings.

Around MLB:

There were a few other tidbits making news around baseball yesterday. Within the division, the Braves have been noted to be looking for an additional outfield bat. Some beat writers think they've discussed Xavier Nady. If they really want a right handed bat, I can think of one they can have for nothing (except money).

Phillie fans are up in arms at the lack of offense and are demanding a TRAID of Cole Hamels for a bat. Well maybe that's a bit of sensationalism, but it's worth a read as it involves a rival. I know a certain corner outfielder that's out there and won't cost Hamels. Just saying.

The Indians are apparently also in the market for a bat. They are looking at Bobby Abreu as a possible answer. Hey Cleveland: I know Abreu is a lefty, but we might just have a righty that won't cost you guys anything. The Rangers have set their rotation to start the season. Yu can see Darvish debut on April 9th. See what I did there?