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May Contain Baseball Like Substance Applesauce: Dreaming of prospects, bowling and 85 wins, you know, the usual

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Between Familia and Rauch, the Mets could have quite the pick-up basketball squad. Also, obligatory BUNTZ joke Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE
Between Familia and Rauch, the Mets could have quite the pick-up basketball squad. Also, obligatory BUNTZ joke Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

So last night I dreamed that I was at NYSEG Stadium watching Bingo's opener. No, this is not unusual. For those of you wondering, Matt Harvey got through the first inning unscathed on three ground outs, despite a flaky throw from Jordany Valdespin on one of them. Valdespin led off the bottom of the first and took a pitch off the elbow to get to first. He was none too happy about this and jawed with the pitcher some on his way to first. Probably upset about being sent back down to AA, I'm sure. Next up was "Amauris Valdiris," who, of course, doesn't exist. I can only assume my subconscious is combining ex-Mets org guy Aarom Baldiris, and 2011 Brooklyn catcher Amauris Valdez. Anyway, he made an out. Next up was Danny Muno, who my subconscious is way too agressively promoting. He singled to right advancing Valdespin to third on a close play at the bag. Then I woke up.

To make a long story short, I am so ready for actual baseball. (and have been writing about prospects too much)

Meet the Mets

So there's good news for me then, as the Mets kick off their Spring Training schedule tonight against the Nationals. Dillon Gee will take the bump for the Mets, with top prospect Matt Harvey also scheduled to pitch. (my dream was prophetic!) Full upcoming pitching probables are here, courtesy of Mr. Rubin.

Not playing in tonight's game will be David Wright, Scott Hairston or Reese Havens, who are all dealing with injury issues. Ike Davis, however, is fine you guys. But LOLMets, amirite?

Totally announcing tonight's game, GKR! Yay!

The Mets also played another intersquad game yesterday, as both Pelf and Niese tossed a pair a scoreless innings and Mike Baxter went deep. Bobby Parnell also plunked Zach Lutz on the elbow, because it's Zach Lutz and he is a magnet for baseballs apparently.

The Mets had their annual bowling outing last night. Tim Byrdak fired off the front eight, en route to a 279 game. No word if he did it dressed as Hulk Hogan. Whatever, the lanes are always easier on the left.

Brian Costa has a profile of Jeurys Familia up over at the Wall Street Journal. He really should have gotten the opening day start for Binghamton in my dream to be fair. At least Costa doesn't write that he is a probably a reliever in the end.

Props to Toby Hyde for collecting the Met prospect questions from Klaw''s recent chat. Just remember guys, Keith Law hates the Mets (or whatever you favorite team happens to be). Bonus props to Toby for the amazing Keith Law file photo.

Ted Berg needlessly takes a shot at REO Speedwagon, who will be performing June 20th at Citi Field. My fiancee is way too excited about this, by the way. Cheap Trick and MercyMe will also be on the 2012 "We're on a Budget" concert series.

Look, we can definitely talk about whether or not the Mets should have found a 40 man spot for Fernando Martinez, but let's not act like he is suddenly an all-star.

Around the NL East

Wait, so putting a giant, garish, rotating home run fish statue right next to the batter's eye might have been a bad idea? You don't say.

Braves top prospect Julio Tehran recorded as many outs as home runs allowed, getting tagged for six dingers by the Tigers offense. It's March 5th, Atlanta, no need to panic. I will, however, enjoy this moment of schadenfreude. Strasburg got knocked around a bit too, it's no big deal. (and certainly won't stop anyone from writing a fawning Steven Strasburg piece) I still reserve the right to panic if Matt Harvey does anything other than strike out 6 guys on 18 pitches tonight.

Ryan Howard may have to wait a little longer before resuming baseball activities. Luckily, he is signed for another five years, so the Phils have plenty of time to let him recuperate.


Around MLB

The Pirates have inked an extension with All-Star centerfielder Andrew McCutchen that will pay him a bit over 50 million for six years. Should end up being a good value for the Pirates.

Yoenis Cespedes got his first taste of BP and the baseball media on Sunday. I will point out to Billy Beane that someone can't be a 'pretty unique physical talent.' Unique is one of a kind, you can't qualify it by degree.

Brewers outfielder Corey Hart is likely to miss opening day after having arthroscopic knee surgery.

The A's might be moving to San Jose. Or the A's might not be moving to San Jose. Same as it ever was.

If you thought the Red Sox beer ban was serious, Theo wants to ban all alcohol in the city of Chicago. So he really must mean bus... GAWD WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?????????!!!!!!!!1111111 That's it. Applesauce is over.