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Random Photos From New York Mets Spring Training

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One more set of photos from around Mets spring training. As always click here for the full album.

Thole, wearing Catcher-cam for SNY while catching RA Dickey

Josh Thole wearing catcher-cam for SNY during an R.A. Dickey bullpen session

Hudgens & Collins keeping an eye on Wilmer Flores

Terry and Hudge checking out the top prospect


Mejia on the sidelines

Jenrry Mejia has looked really bored around camp

Danny Muno & Brandon Nimmo

Danny Muno & Brandon Nimmo

RHP Domingo Tapia throws home

Domingo Tapia delivers to home

I'll never get sick of this

I just can't get sick of this


Found just outside spring training complex

Found this around the corner from the Mets complex

Buddy Alderson

The new chairman of Puppy Avenue, Buddy Alderson (yes, Sandy brought him along to work)

Santana draws quite a crowd

Johan's first live BP drew quite a crowd

Johan throws live BP


Brandon Nimmo's sweet stroke

Mets hold minor league tryouts

The Mets held their annual tryouts for potential minor leaguers