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Let's Check in With Kevin A Whole Bunch Applesauce: Yes, there was a game in between the interviews

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Daniel Murphy played 2B and didn't suffer a season ending injury. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE
Daniel Murphy played 2B and didn't suffer a season ending injury. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Meet the Mets

Actual Baseball > No Baseball, but it was a slow evening out on the east coast of Florida. The Mets played a sloppy Spring Training opener, as one might expect, and fell to the Nationals 3-1. But really, I don't care because GKR were on my TV, the Mets stole eleventy billion bases, and Josh Satin got a base hit. Also, it's baseball. Plus, Andres Torres had a pretty good debut in a Mets uni, playing more like it was April 5th than March 5th.

It's split-squad day today as the Mets have a pair of games. The main event, though, will be Johan Santana taking the mound at Digital Domain Park. Anything short of his arm literally falling off on the mound will probably be a success.

The Nationals game wasn't the only action in the complex yesterday as the Mets STEP camp had an intrasquad game as well. Ted Berg was there to fill you in on the action and remind you that he still hates all your favorite prospects.

Amazin Avenue's #3 prospect Jeurys Familia will take the rubber today, and Toby Hyde is here to tell you what he's been working on in camp. Toby also talks more in-depth about this in the most recent Mostly Mets podcast. And if you've been wondering why Cesar Puello still makes a lot of the prospect mavens drool, watch this BP session.

The old grey lady reports on the important issues in camp. What are the Mets having for breakfast? They also report on Pedro Beato's mid-afternoon nap. Really, one of the greatest jobs in sports has to be the sixth or seventh guy in a bullpen.

Fangraphs has started their Positional Power Rankings, where they rank each franchise according to their strength at that position (MLB and upper minors guys only). They have started behind the plate, and the Mets rank about where you'd expect.

The Madoff affair look like it is going to drag out into the forseeable future, as the Mets request for a dismissal was denied and they were ordered to pay 83 million to the trustee even before they go to trial over the other 300 million. Freaking sweet.

Now, there are a few different ways to find yourself in my morning applesauce. You can write something relevant about a Mets related news story, you can do some interesting or original research about baseball, or you can just DM me a link to something you wrote over twitter (seriously, that usually works). Apparently, there is now a fourth way. You can write something that leaves me so completely non-plussed that I ignore my previous interdictum against linking to Bleacher Report. Frankly, I don't even know where to begin here, but let's start with this gem:

"So far, Pelfrey has had success in even-numbered seasons and has struggled in odd-numbered seasons. History thus states that Pelfrey will pitch well in 2012."

Seriously, why are these people never sitting across from me at a poker table? Well, probably because the author isn't old enough to set foot in a casino, but still. This is why I just can't take Bleacher Report seriously, no matter how many of my favorite writers they hire.

Around MLB

Tangotiger's Marcel projections are now out. You can tell they are originally from the 90s, since the system is named after the monkey on Friends. It's the simplest projection system out there, but make sure you actually read the FAQ before you go nuts over the counting stats like the FanGraphs commenters.

You might think it is a bit too early for 2012 Mock Drafts. You would be wrong. This will, of course, change three hundred million times between now and June, but I could see the Mets sticking with the high ceiling up the middle prep type again this year. Especially since it is such a deep draft on the high school side.

Former Phillies star Lenny Dykstra will be spending the next few years in prison after being convicted in a scheme to fradulently lease cars.

Frankie Frank definitely looked a little portly on the mound last night for the Mets. Not as portly as Francisco Cordero, mind you. Hey, it's only March, plenty of time to play yourself into shape. Just watch the snacking on those bus rides.

You might be wondering how ex-Met Angel Pagan is doing this Spring. If you guessed running from a swarm of bees, take a bow.

Rob Neyer takes a look at Rays starter Jeremy Hellickson, who is probably due for some regression if his periphreals don't improve. I think he will be okay this season, but I think it wil be more of a 2011 David Price situation where the improvements are overshadowed by some more normal batted ball luck. Also note that Joe Maddon is totally #TrueSABR.

Sticking in the AL East, the Red Sox will likely be without Carl Crawford for Opening Day. I still can't believe he got Carl Crawford money, he's had everything wrong with him.

Buster Posey should be ready to go, though, and could see Spring Training action as soon as this weekend.

Finally, Beyond the Box Score lobby for Kevin Brown in the Hall of Fame. I see the argument, but the peak just isn't quite high or long enough for me. I wouldn't rend any garments if he gets in, but he clearly won't. The standard for pitchers is so much higher than it is for hitters it seems. Unless you are Jack Morris.