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David Wright Injury Update

David Wright and Mike Pelfrey look at stuff.
David Wright and Mike Pelfrey look at stuff.

The Mets have issued a press release to apprise the world of the injury status of David Wright's wonky right pinkie. Here is that update:

"The injury to the little finger on David Wright’s right hand was re-evaluated today by a hand specialist in New York, who reiterated that David can return to baseball activity as tolerated. His playing status will be reviewed again tomorrow in Philadelphia prior to the game."

As we mentioned on Tuesday, an x-ray showed a small fracture in the middle joint of that pinkie, suffered when Wright dove back into first base during Monday night's game against the Nationals. The Mets won that game, but have lost two in a row in Wright's absence despite Ronny Cedeno going 3-for-7 with an RBI while filling in.

Terry Collins has been saying all week that he expects Wright to be ready for Friday's game against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, but the doctor's prognosis of "baseball activity as tolerated" is deeply couched in uncertainty. We'll see what happens tomorrow night!