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The Three Horsemen of the Acostalypse Applesauce: So, I guess you CAN'T strand every runner

Going to guess this wasn't a strike. /// Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Going to guess this wasn't a strike. /// Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Meet the Mets

Despite a Mike Pelfrey start that was, well, a good Mike Pelfrey start, the Mets bullpen could not hold a 2-1 lead, coughing up 7 runs in three innings of work as the Mets were sent packing from Philly with an 8-2 loss. Ike Davis did get off the schneid with a two run home run, but otherwise the Mets offense was baffled by noted jerkface Cole Hamels.

The Mets head to Hotlanta next to take on the suddenly competent Braves. Dillon Gee opposes Tommy Hanson in the opener, as Gee looks to rebound from a rough first outing. Before turning our focus to Atlanta, Patrick Flood wraps up the Phillies series for us.

In case you missed it, AA's own Bill Petti stopped by FanGraphs Audio to chat with Carson Cistulli last week.

Jason Bay remains day-to-day with a jammed finger after being scratched from Sunday's lineup. Also, note in that notes piece that Mike Pelfrey still has a wicked sense of humor. He also has been the most valuable Mets pitcher so far this year! And that's totally a meaningful sample size, you guys.

If you couldn't make either of the two R.A. Dickey book signings in the city, the Mets are hosting a fancy schamncy Q+A session with R.A. before the Mets/Marlins game on the 25th.

Around the NL East

The Braves completed a three game sweep of Milwaukee, as Brandon Beachy shut down the Brew Crew's bats. That's five straight wins for the Bravos as the Mets roll into town this week. Too bad their winning streak is going to end there.

The Nationals dug themselves out of an early five-run hole, but fell to the Reds in 11 innings. The Mets remain a half game behind Washington in the NL East (yes, I know it is kind of early for scoreboard watching)

The Marlins went to extras as well, winning on a walk-off single from Hanley Ramirez. Also, Omar Infante (?!) hit another (!) home run. Unfortunately, his fourth (seriously?!) of the year was hit at home, so this happened.

Around MLB

This week in columnist overreaction, Bob Klapisch everyone! Though, to be fair, Bobby V is doing himself no favors at this point. Though it doesn't seem to be affecting the Sox on the field, as they won their third straight over the Rays yesterday.

Matt Kemp is doing his best to provide surplus value at the front end of his contract to make up for the future degredation of his skill set. Bully for Matt Kemp. The Dodgers also pulled off a triple play on one of the greatest bunt fails of all time. And that's even before we consider that the Padres were bunting with their clean-up hitter.

At Baseball Nation, Wendy Thurm profiles the new head of the player's union, Michael Weiner.

Mitch Maier might be the fourth best arm in the Royals' bullpen.

Rick Porcello notched the first win for a Tigers starter this year with a strong 7+ against the White Sox.

Finally, the Classical breaks down one of my favorite twitter hashtags. I'm partial to 4'33" myself, but that might just be because I have had attended about a bazillion modern classical concerts over the last seven years.