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This Week In SNY, Featuring Mike Pelfrey Protecting The Family Jewels, Bo Jackson, And The Hardest Looking Fan Ever

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It was a down week for the Mets but hopefully not for TWISNY!

Sunday, April 15th

The Phillies will pay $50 million for a closer but won't pony up $24 to replace the disgusting bulletin board in the away team television booth:


Monday, April 16th

The Mets, much like TWISNY, have the comedic palette of a 13-year-old. So we always had a laugh at the periodic postgame, umm, love slaps perpetrated by Fernando Tatis on the likes of young hurlers Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez:

Pelfrey learned his lesson and is now a savvy veteran. Here he is protecting the goods after Monday night's win:


Pelfrey is thrilled about his early season performance, and also the fact that Tatis's reign of grabbiness has ended.

Wednesday, April 18th

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin interviewed Bo Jackson in Atlanta:


Jackson spoke about "Bo Bikes Bama", his five-day charity bike ride across Alabama which starts today. He is raising money for tornado-ravaged communities in his home state. Joining him on the ride are Scottie Pippen, Ken Griffey Jr., and Lance Armstrong.


Friday, April 20th

Let's check in with... Tiffany! Kevin was on assignment so Tiffany Simons filled in. Tiffany is in her second year as the host of "Mets Weekly" on SNY. She interviewed the old knuckleballer Charlie Hough:


We can see why Tiffany might appeal to a certain segment of the fanbase. If checking in with Kevin is like checking in with heaven, then checking in with Tiffany is like checking in with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Hey Ike Davis, there's no yawning in baseball!


It looks like one Mets fan kept a leftover wig from Rusty Staub Day in 1986:


Saturday, April 21st

TWISNY lobbies that this fan become the Mets' version of the Jets' Fireman Ed, as long as he's not an annoying self-promoter:


TWISNY also lobbies that Fireman Ed disappear forever.

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