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Broken Pitchers Applesauce: Pelfrey Might Be Done, Mets Sign An Emu

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The Mets had some good news and some bad news yesterday. We'll start with the good. The Minnows are still in town. The Mets again defeated the un-clutch Jose Reyes-led Marlins, this time by a 5-1 score line. Like Johan Santana the day before, R.A. Dickey bounced back from a poor last start to pitch well in this one. David Wright also became the Mets all-time RBI leader. The box score can be found here.

Of note in that game was the move made with Ike Davis. He hasn't been good to start the season, and Terry Collins finally reacted to his struggles by dropping him to 7th in the batting order. Hopefully Ike snaps out of it soon, but essentially missing a year of baseball should leave everyone a little rusty (see Beltran, Carlos).

Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay were placed on the DL, and in Pelfrey's case it may be for a very long time. He's had copies of his MRI sent to the infamous Dr. James Andrews who will look them over. While Big Pelf isn't scheduled to visit in person yet, I think most of us see the writing on the wall in this one. Cross your fingers and hope for the best, but I'd expect to hear more soon.

Rounding out the Mets portion of the news, former Met Brad Emaus has returned to the organization. The former Rule V pick signed a minor league deal with the Mets yesterday, He'll be joining the farm system report shortly.

Around MLB

Outside of the Marlins, the rest of the division won last night. The Braves pulled off a late rally to beat the Dodgers last night. Matt Kemp! hit his 10th HR of the season last night in that one, but Larry Jones had his Wilpon-colored goggles on and thought the Dodgers were the Mets.

The Phillies managed to defeat the Diamondbacks yesterday, winning 7-2 in that game. Cole Hamels was excellent on the mound for the Phillies, and the offense actually did something productive. They're still under .500 though. Smiles all around!

The Nats continue to roll at the top of the division, winning 7-2 over the Padres yesterday. They're now 14-4 on the season, easily ahead of the Phillies, whom most predicted to win the division again.

The Yankees and Red Sox both had some bad news on the injury front yesterday. Carl Crawford has gone a step further than Mike Pelfrey, as he's having a personal visit with Dr. Andrews about his bad elbow. Is it just me, or are the Red Sox starting to resemble the Mets towards the middle of the Omar era?

The Yankees will be without Michael Pineda for the rest of this season as well. His torn labrum will require surgery, and he'll miss at least a year with the recovery. I'm sure Yankees fans everywhere will be crying foul about the trade now, but that's the risk when acquiring pitchers.

Finally for today, FanGraphs is having a little look at Gordan Beckham. This just screams of a buy-low type of move if he becomes available.