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Mets Complete 2012 Minor League Opening Day Roster Assignments

Per ESPN's Adam Rubin, here are the remaining Mets minor league roster assignments:




Cabrera, Fernando
Egbert, Jack
Familia, Jeurys
Hampson, Justin
Harvey, Matt (pictured, above)
Hefner, Jeremy
James, Chuck
Olson, Garrett
Owen, Dylan
Schwinden, Chris
Stevens, Jeff
Stinson, Josh

Johnson, Rob
May, Lucas

Fisher, Michael
Lutz, Zach
Pascucci, Valentino
Quintanilla, Omar
Satin, Josh
Scales, Bobby
Valdespin, Jordanny

Loewen, Adam
Nieuwenhuis, Kirk
Rottino, Vinny
Tuiasosopo, Matt

Mejia, Jenrry
Wimberly, Corey
Young, Chris

There are no real surprises here. There's a lot more talent in Buffalo than this time last year, and it may be the team's first playoff season since 2005. I'd say at least 90% of these guys have a legitimate shot at appearing with the Mets in 2012. It should be very interesting to watch Buffalo pitch, especially once Mejia gets back. A rotation of Harvey, Familia, Mejia, Schwinden, and Hefner could be outstanding. There's also the possible addition of Chris Young and a lineup featuring Valdespin, Satin, Nieuwenhuis, Lutz , and Loewen isn't too shabby, either.



Carson, Robert
Cohoon, Mark
Edgin, Josh
Gorski, Darin
Holt, Brad
McHugh, Collin
Mulvey, Kevin
Peavey, Greg
Ramirez, Edgar
Ramirez, Elvin
Rodriguez, Armando
Turgeon, Erik
Wheeler, Zack

Centeno, Juan
Gronauer, Kai

Campbell, Eric
Dykstra, Allan
Kazmar, Sean
Marte, Jefry
Navarro, Oswaldo
Ozga, Travis
Rodriguez, Josh

Den Dekker, Matt
Lagares, Juan (pictured, above)
Reyes, Raul
Zapata, Pedro

Havens, Reese
Ratliff, Sean

Restricted list
Moore, Brandon
Moviel, Scott

Like Buffalo, the strength of the team will be pitching. With a rotation of Wheeler, Cohoon, Gorski, and McHugh, there may be a few bumps in the road, though. It's a good move to slow Cohoon down and let him dominate Double-A before taking another crack at Buffalo.

It should be interesting to see what Elvin Ramirez does after spending a wasted year on the Nationals' major league disabled list after they took him first overall in the Rule 5.

Runs might be hard to come by at times. With guys like Lagares, Marte, and den Dekker bolstering the lineup, it could very well be a boom or bust team at the plate, and who the hell knows about Reese Havens? The same can be said for Sean Ratliff, who I'm interested to see back on the field, even though he looked woefully -- and understandably -- out of shape in spring training workouts.



Allen, Kyle
Almonte, Yohan
Beaulac, Eric
Bennett, Hamilton
Church, John
Cuan, Angel
Fraser, Ryan
Germen, Gonzalez
Goeddel, Erik
Huchingson, Chase
Kaplan, Jeffrey
Kolarek, Adam
Mazzoni, Cory
Rosario, Adrian
Whitenton, Taylor

Blaquiere, Jean Luc
Forsythe, Blake
Pena, Francisco

Bonfe, Joe
Flores, Wilmer (pictured, above)
Lucas, Richard
Muno, Danny
Sandoval, Rylan
Shields, Robbie
Tovar, Wilfredo

Ceciliani, Darrell
Fernandez, Rafael
Harris, Alonzo
Puello, Cesar
Vaughn, Cory

Fuller, Jimmy

Restricted list
Doyle, Dock

It's interesting but unsurprising to see Puello back in St. Lucie after he was added to the 40-man roster, though ultimately not surprising. He had a strong second half, but his overall line of .259/.313/.397 still indicates a good amount of room for growth. The same goes for Flores in his third season with PSL, but he'll need to rebound from a down year in 2011. If all goes according to plan, both will likely be promoted around the All Star break.

With Ceciliani on the roster, it should be interesting to see who gets reps in center field. Beyond Mazzoni -- and perhaps Goeddel -- the pitching staff doesn't have much top tier talent, but there are plenty of interesting question marks in Cuan, Fraser, and Whitenton. I'm always interested to see what Eric Beaulac can do when healthy.



Camarena, Marco
Chism, T.J.
Fulmer, Michael
Leathersich, Jack
Montero, Rafael
Morel, Estarlin
Panteliodis, Alex
Pill, Tyler
Seng, Tyson
Tapia, Domingo
Vazquez, Carlos
Verrett, Logan
Walters, Jeffrey
West, Jared

Cordero, Albert
Maron, Cam (pictured, above)
Torres, Juan

Brown, Brandon
Harrison, Brian
Honeck, Samuel
Nieves, Luis
Rivera, T.J.
Rodriguez, Aderlin

Lawley, Dustin
Pron, Gregory
Pugh, Tillman
Taijeron, Travis
Thurber, Charley

Sage, Brandon

See my thoughts on Savannah's assignments here.



Aldama, Eduardo
Bradford, Chasen
Cessa, Luis
Degrom, Jacob
Diaz, Miller
Fontanez, Randy
Gould, Jeremy
Hauptman, Casey
Hilario, Julian
Lugo, Seth
Mateo, Luis
Matz, Steven
Mitchell, Bret
Morris, Akeel
Peralta, Ramiro
Robles, Hansel
Sheppard, Chad
Urbina, Juan
Valenzuela, Brian
Ynoa, Gabriel

Carpenter, Tyler
Carrillo, Xorge
Diehl, Jeffrey
Glenn, Jeffrey
Rohan, Edward
Zapata, Nelfi

De la Cruz, Yucary
Evans, Phillip
Frenzel, Cole
Gamboa, Juan
Rivero, Jorge
Sanchez, Alexander
Tijerina, Ismael
Zurcher, Chad

Clark, Jonathan
Concepcion, Julio
Gomez, Gilbert
McQueen, ZeErika
Nimmo, Brandon (pictured, above)
Pina, Eudy
Tuschak, Joe

Obviously the news here is Nimmo's conservative handling, as some expected a full season debut in Savannah. Along with Phillip Evans, he will likely show up in Brooklyn in a couple months, but it shouldn't be long before both surface with the Gnats.

With those two plus Matz, Akeel Morris, Juan Urbina, and others, there are too many interesting names to discuss here. I'll just tell you a few more guys I'll be watching extra closely: Luis Cessa, Julian Hilario, Luis Mateo (I'm expecting a lot from him), Jeff Glenn, Juan Carlos Gamboa, Gilbert Gomez, and Joe Tuschak.