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'Twas The Night Before #6org

It's Opening Day Eve for Mets fans and #6org Eve for True SABR. FanGraphs will reveal tomorrow morning its #6 ranked organization in MLB, dooming that franchise to a disastrous season and nightmarish future outlook. The 2010 #6org was the Mariners; the 2011 #6org was the Twins. Here is a summary of how it has turned out for each:



(click to embiggen)

The #6org curse is real, and it will befall one of the six organizations yet to be ranked:

Red Sox

Mets fans wouldn't shed a tear over the downfall of several of the teams listed above, but the Phillies are an especially enticing possibility. Perhaps Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Ruiz, and Roy Halladay can go the way of Franklin Gutierrez, Jose Lopez, Adam Moore, and Ryan Rowland-Smith, respectively. And the Phils' "do as I say, not as I do" scolding of other teams' hotdogging can be swept into the dustbin of baseball history.

The 2012 #6org will be revealed at 10:00am EDT tomorrow. Get excited.