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Mets 1, Braves 0: Johan's Brave New World

He's back?
He's back?

Johan Santana came back almost as good as ever. He didn't crack 90 on the gun, and he didn't have the longevity to last past 84 pitches, and the Braves lineup isn't the sexiest these days, but never mind. Santana went five innings, struck out five, and only allowed four baserunners. He escaped a bases-loaded jam in the fifth to be eligible for the win, but the Mets' run came too late to hand him the 'W.'

He gets a 'W' in the hearts of Mets' fans everywhere, though. After a year away, this was about the best that could be expected, caveats and all.

It's often said that offense is behind pitching at this stage of the season, and over twenty innings into Opening Day 3.0, there were no runs in any of the three games being played. The Mets offense broke the ice, but they didn't do as well as you might expect when you see they had 11 baserunners on the day.

On a day in which Santana returned, perhaps it was fitting that David Wright was the one that plated the run with a timely hit. His single to left scored Andres Torres in the sixth after a walk by the new Met and a double by Daniel Murphy.

The third game ball goes to the Mets' new pen. Four scoreless from Ramon Ramirez (no strikeouts, one walk, two hits, four outs), Tim Byrdak (two strikeouts, no walks, no hits, two outs), Jon Rauch (no strikeouts, no walks, no hits, three outs) and Frank Francisco (one strikeout (of Jason Heyward to end the game), no walks, no hits, three outs). Frankie Frank hit 94 on the gun too.

One win down, 161 left to go.